Einstein manuscripts: More than 110 new documents released

Newly revealed Albert Einstein letters provide glimpse into his genius mind

Newly revealed Albert Einstein letters provide glimpse into his genius mind

Even 140 years after Albert Einstein's birth, his scientific discoveries still impact our lives-lasers, nuclear power, fiber optics, driverless cars, Global Positioning System and space travel all trace back to Einstein's theories.

Dozens of manuscripts belonging to Albert Einstein, many of them unseen in public before, have been unveiled by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Among the computations were letters that revealed glimpses of Einstein's personality, the university said. To him, the University represented a combined commitment to a Jewish identity, the pursuit of truth, and respect for all human beings. "But they always share something personal about their families", said Gutfreund. "That was a puzzle", Hanoch Gutfreund, scientific advisor to the university's Einstein archive, said in comments to the AFP.

· 84 sheets, a lot of them mathematical derivations from 1944-48.

"There is also one page with a concise explanation of the basic principle underlying the physics of the atom bomb and of nuclear reactors", the newspaper writes.

"The scientific connection of many of these calculations is still not clear". Tilman Sauer at the University of Mainz.

The collection includes a page of notes on his theory that experts at the Albert Einstein Archives of the university thought had been lost. The paper was a significant milestone in his many attempts to formulate a single unified theory for gravitation and electromagnetism.

Newly revealed Albert Einstein letters provide glimpse into his genius mind

In a 1935 letter to his son Hans Albert, he expressed dismay that other European powers had not done more to curb Nazis' military buildup.

Einstein migrated to the USA in 1933, just before Hitler became the leader of Germany.

"I believe that even in Germany things are slowly starting to change", he wrote. Let's just hope we won't have a Europe war first...the rest of Europe is now starting to finally take the thing seriously, especially the British. "If they would have come down hard a year and a half ago, it would have been better and easier".

"These papers reflect the way Einstein was thinking, the way Einstein was working".

In the same letter from 1951, Einstein tells Besso that he has "still not come closer" to fully comprehending the nature of light particles after almost 50 years of research.

Most of the documents constitute complex handwritten mathematical equations behind Einstein's scientific writings in the late 1940s. In one correspondence with his lifelong friend Michele Besso, Einstein said he felt "ashamed" for never bothering to learn Hebrew.

"As a goy, you're not obligated to study the language of our forefathers, while I, as a 'Jewish saint, ' should be embarrassed at the fact that I know nearly nothing".

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