Boeing 737 MAX planes' deliveries HALTED after Trump GROUNDED jets

Boeing Has Grounded All Boeing 737 Max Planes Worldwide Over Safety Fears

Boeing Has Grounded All Boeing 737 Max Planes Worldwide Over Safety Fears

Three Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes-all belonging to Sunwing Airlines-departed Toronto and landed at the Windsor International Airport Wednesday, hours after the plane model was banned from the airspace in Canada.

The Max jets are likely to be idle for weeks while Boeing tries to assure regulators around the world that the planes are safe.

Experts say other possible causes of the crashes are being investigated, including other malfunctioning systems and pilot error.

The black boxes from the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed on Sunday in Ethiopia have been sent to France for analysis, Ethiopian Airlines said on Thursday.

Among major crash investigations the BEA has led were the 2015 plunge of a Germanwings jet - whose black boxes revealed that the co-pilot had deliberately slammed the plane into an Alpine mountainside after locking the captain out of the cockpit.

Askhara said his airline had chose to reduce the order from 49 "before the crashes".

Ethiopian authorities wanted European investigators to handle the analysis because of its complexity, according to BEA spokesman Sebastien Barthe.

Ethiopian Airlines said earlier it would send the two cockpit voice and data recorders overseas for analysis.

Boeing Co revealed it has paused deliveries of its 737 MAX jetliner after the United States and other countries grounded them earlier this week.

The Ethiopian Airlines plane was less than four months old when it went down six minutes into its flight to Nairobi.

The airport is storing 10 of the aircraft and says it has the flexibility to store more. People from 35 countries died.

Moshi Biton, brother of Israeli victim Shimon Daniel Re'em Biton, asked Ethiopia's prime minister to allow Israeli investigators to help recover remains. The crash killed 157, including three Russians.

"If someone is anxious about it, they should absolutely contact their airline", she said. Because its engines were larger and heavier than on previous 737s, they were placed higher and farther forward on the wings.

In total, there are 41 Boeing MAX 8 planes in Canada.

If the aircrafts' maneuvering characteristics augmentation system receives an erroneously high angle-of-attack sensor input, there is potential for repeated nose-down commands of the horizontal stabilizer, the FAA said, adding the condition would made it hard for pilots to control the plane.

American Airlines Group Inc, with 24 MAX 8s, planned to cancel around 85 flights per day as a result of the ban, while servicing some of those flights with other aircraft such as the 737-800.

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