DUP 'to analyse' changes to Brexit deal

Finally, a Big Week for Brexit

Finally, a Big Week for Brexit

And anti-Brexit campaigners haven't abandoned the idea of a new referendum on remaining in the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to Strasbourg on Monday night for talks with European Union leaders seeking additional assurances about the Irish backstop.

"It complicates the issue, it leaves us with the possibility still of a no-deal Brexit, and uncertainty over politics more generally". We may not know which way they will go until during the Brexit debate this afternoon in the House of Commons. "There will be no third chance... it is this deal or Brexit might not happen at all", Juncker said, issuing a stark warning to Britain's MPs over the importance of the parliamentary vote in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. It was a narrower outcome than the historic 230-vote margin of defeat for the agreement in January, before May secured changes from the bloc - but not by much.

At its heart lies three new documents meant to provide additional legal guarantees that the United Kingdom can't be trapped indefinitely inside the backstop arrangement.

The UK and the European Union have now signed off on two documents created to bolster the Brexit withdrawal agreement and accompanying political declaration on Britain's future.

The latest pact stressed the "legal force" and "binding character" of the withdrawal agreement. "Today we have secured legal changes", May said on Monday ahead of the Parliament's vote on her Brexit proposal.

The historic bruising for May had led her to seek changes to the agreement in order to table a second "meaningful vote" before Parliament that would stand a better chance of being voted through.

To guide the Eurosceptics, the deal was due to be examined by a committee of eight lawyers in the ERG, including Sir Bill Cash and the former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab. May said the House of Commons had to "face up" to the consequences of its decisions. So May needs the support of 320 MPs to sail through.

Eleven members of the independent group first meeting at 1 George Street Westminster in London, England, February 25, 2019. With 10 MPs in the parliament, it ensures the survival of the May government, and it might rally behind the prime minister now.

Earlier on Monday, talks were said by government sources to be deadlocked and May was locked away in Downing Street for much of the day, apart from a brief appearance to give a bible reading at a service for Commonwealth Day.

The two sides have also published a "joint statement" which commits to replacing the backstop with "alternative arrangements" by the end of December 2020. The remaining Scottish National Party with its 35 MPs and other smaller parties are also unlikely to offer any support.

However, parliament is expected firmly to reject a "no-deal" Brexit as well, so MPs would then vote again on Thursday - on whether government should request a delay to the leaving date to allow further talks.

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