"The Sopranos" Prequel Film, "Newark", Sets a Release Date for Fall 2020

NEW YORK NEW YORK- JANUARY 09  Edie Falco Robert Iler and Jamie Lynn Sigler attend the

NEW YORK NEW YORK- JANUARY 09 Edie Falco Robert Iler and Jamie Lynn Sigler attend the"The Sopranos 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion at SVA Theater

In the Sopranos' finale, "Made in America", Tony is joined in the booth by his wife Carmela (Edie Falco) and his son A.J.

"The Sopranos" prequel has a new name and a release date.

Past year it was reported that The Sopranos was set for a prequel in the form of a film.

According to Deadline, Alan Taylor's forthcoming Sopranos prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, has now officially been retitled Newark. Although this character never appeared in the HBO series as he was killed before the story's timeline, his legacy and influence were clearly established as someone who helped the family become a legitimate power in the world of organized crime.

NEW YORK- MARCH 07 Actor James Gandolfini attends the sixth season premiere of the HBO series
Actor James Gandolfini

The prequel, which will feature younger versions of the beloved characters, is set in the 1960s in Newark when the riots between Italian-Americans and African-Americans were at an all-time high.

The film, which was originally going to be called, "The Many Saints of Newark", is now simply titled, "Newark". In addition to Gandolfini, the cast includes Alessandro Nivola, Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga, and Ray Liotta.

"I'm thrilled that I am going to have the opportunity to work with David Chase and the incredible company of talent he has assembled", Michael added of the series creator.

As Michael Gandolfini gets ready to step into his late father James Gandolfini's footsteps, the actor has visited a landmark from The Sopranos.

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