Toyota is creating a crewed lunar rover for Japan's space agency

Toyota, JAXA to develop manned moon probe

Toyota, JAXA to develop manned moon probe

Either way, Toyota and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) recently announced an agreement "to consider the possibility of collaborating on worldwide space exploration.' Though that's an incredibly soft "maybe", it indicates they'll continue to 'study" the topic. The rover will be able to travel autonomously to different landing sites to meet up with arriving astronauts.

JAXA's Vice President Koichi Wakata and Toyota Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi announced the project at a symposium on space exploration in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The Toyota Moon Rover Concept for JAXA measures in at 6.0-metres long, 5.2-metres wide and 3.8-metres tall, which is around the size of two microbuses combined.

It would be used to explore the lunar surface, with a total cruising range of more than 10,000 km.

'Meanwhile, the moon has a complex terrain with craters, cliffs, and hills.

President of JAXA, Hiroshi Yamakawa said that Toyota joining its mission strengthens the agency's confidence in such a rover.

There is a space race going on and Japan wants in on it. JAXA is working with the country's biggest carmaker to land a vehicle on the Moon by 2029.

Officials from Toyota and JAXA say they aim to create a manned rover that can cover more than 10,000 kilometers on the lunar surface.

"International space exploration is a challenge to conquer the unknown". The two firms have signed an agreement that will see them cooperate on a joint study for a manned and pressurized rover. Powering the lunar rover are hydrogen fuel cells, technology Toyota has pursued in recent years.

The vehicle will run on solar power and Toyota's fuel cell technology.

The automaker's gasoline cells use clear energy-era strategies and exclusively emit water and have lowered quantities of risky substances that the automotive firm is working to enhance, Toyota Government Vice President Shigeki Terashi stated Tuesday. It can accommodate four in the case of an emergency. Rover employs fuel cell electric vehicle technologies.

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