Utah Jazz Owner Apologizes For Russell Westbrook Incident

NBA: Russell Westbrook unleashes profanity-laden tirade at fan after being provoked

NBA: Russell Westbrook unleashes profanity-laden tirade at fan after being provoked

Never have before, but once he said the comment, his wife repeated the same thing to me as well.

Paul George looked like he was primed to beat up on his former team for a third straight time when his Oklahoma City Thunder went up by 19 on the Indiana Pacers after his third quarter free throw.

"He had ice or heat, I said "sit down and ice your knees, bro", and he said "that's heat, that's heat". "It just most of the time doesn't get documented".

In the days following Monday's game, several players voiced their support for Westbrook and their distaste for Keisel's behavior. "I'll f-- him up", Westbrook tells somebody standing off camera".

"Don't call me boy", Westbrook warned the fan before he said it again a couple seconds later, then Westbrook flagged down security to handle the matter.

It was later revealed that Keisel was a member of the MAGA movement after a series of his now-deleted tweets that said in part, "Russell Westbrook needs to go back where he came from #MAGA". "You think I'm playing".

The Jazz, back in action on Saturday against the Nets (9 p.m. ET - watch on fuboTV with the NBA League Pass extension), have made it clear they're unequivocally backing Westbrook in the situation, and they clearly plan on cracking down on fans' interactions with players to ensure they're respectful.

"Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy and play the game in a safe, positive and inclusive environment", said Steve Starks, president of the Utah Jazz. To me, I think it's racial, and I think it's inappropriate in the sense that there's no protection for the players. "It's truly disrespectful. Talk about your families, your kids". "When that happens I want to jump up and shout, 'Stop!'" Never said a word to him.

"Initially I was like "oh, I'm talking with Westbrook, he's one of the greats", but he's classless". Come on up. But when you threaten a woman that's 5 feet tall and 110 pounds, you're a big man. "Never fought a fan".

They did it against George, a six-time All-Star who shrugged off resounding boos to score 36 points, and Russell Westbrook, who added his 27th triple-double of the season but missed a 3-pointer from beyond the top of the key as the buzzer sounded. The Cavaliers fan was banned indefinitely. He noted Utah's arena is particularly bothersome because "the fans are right on top of you" and stressed the importance of respecting the game as well as "people's professions". "Welcome to the NBA, Jen".

Russell Westbrook's heated verbal confrontation at a game in Utah was just the latest example in what appeared to be a growing trend of racist taunts from the National Basketball Association fans.

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